Welcome to the online application system for Admission of Undergraduate Students from the Mainland of HKU.

Please read the application procedures on our website (www.hku.hk/mainland) carefully.

This online application system is only eligible for the following candidates:
  1. 2024 NJCEE Candidate 參加 2024 內地全國統一高考的考生
  2. HK/Macau/Taiwan Examinee 港澳台聯招的考生
Other applicants please apply through the following website.

Declaration 聲明

  • I declare that the information to be given in support of my undergraduate application is accurate and complete, and I understand that any misrepresentation will disqualify my application to the University.

  • I authorize The University of Hong Kong to obtain, and the relevant examination authorities, assessment bodies or academic institutions in Hong Kong and elsewhere to release, any or all information about my public examination results, records of studies or professional qualifications. I also authorize the University to use my data in this form for the purpose of obtaining such information.

  • I accept that all the data in this form and those the University is authorized to obtain will be used for purposes related to the processing and administration of my application in the university context.

  • I understand that if I am a current full-time Bachelor's degree student studying UGC-funded programme in one of the local tertiary institutions or a de-registered or discontinued student of the University and I fail to declare this, I may be disqualified even after being offered admission.

  • I understand that once this application is submitted, duplicate application cannot be submitted through any other admission schemes (i.e. international admission scheme) operated by the University in the same admission year. Duplicated applications will be disqualified and application fees paid are non-refundable.
    本人明白一旦提交此申請,便不能於同學年通過任何其他收生計劃 (如國際計劃) 提交重複的申請。重複申請將不予考慮,而支付的申請費將不予退還。

  • I note and understand the general points pursuant to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinances as set out in the Personal Information Collection Statement and General Data Protection Regulation