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Identification Application for HKU Portal Account

This online form is for applying:

  • HKU Portal UID (User Identification, i.e. account name); and
  • HKU Portal PIN (Personal Identification Number, i.e. password) 
Full Name: (Please enter your surname first)
HKID / Passport Number: (for HKID Card, please type A123456(0))
Employee ID:
Initial Password:
  (Printed on the document "Instructions on Computer Account Application" which is distributed by the Human Resources Office (HRO) together with your appointment letter. If you can’t locate this password, please contact HRO by referring to the contact person as indicated in your appointment letter.)


  1. You can submit the above application after:

    1. the Human Resources Office has acknowledged the receipt of your acceptance of Offer of Appointment or 7 days after you have returned the signed Letter of Appointment and

    2. you have provided your HKID/Passport number to the Human Resources Office which is required for identity verification during application. If this has not been done yet, please submit it to the colleague in the Appointments Unit who handles your appointment (contact details are normally available in your Letter of Appointment).

  2. HKU Portal ( is a single sign-on platform for accessing email, web-based courses, library resources and various applications supported by administrative offices and service centres.

  3. For HKU Portal UID application submitted before noon, the UID will be ready after 2:30 pm on the same day. For submission after noon, the UID will be ready after 9 am on the next day.

  4. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be activated within an hour after creating an HKU Portal Account.

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